The Spin Doctor RI Wedge is the only wedge in golf with Replaceable Insert System "Fresh Face Technology"

Put a fresh face on your wedge without replacing you club. Change inserts as your game evolves and play the newest insert technology available. The Spin Doctor RI Wedge is the most versatile wedge in golf.

Also available are our Onsert Systems

You can play all of the technology below with your Spin Doctor RI Wedge!

Reverse Groove Insert
The replaceable Spin Doctor Reverse Groove insert will give you  250 - 400% more backspin instantly. This great insert simply reinforces proper ball striking by putting the FUN back into the short game fundamentals. Your friends will be amazed at how you spin it back like the pros, green after green. Reverse Groove Inserts do not conform to USGA specifications. Click Here For More Info  
Pro-Style Tungsten Carbide Insert
The replaceable Spin Doctor Tungsten Carbide insert produces amazing spin around the green. Fire at the flag and watch the ball stop on a dime. Small tungsten particles grab the ball and impart incredible spin that players of all levels will appreciate.
Pro-Style Diamond Insert
The replaceable Spin Doctor Diamond insert will give you the confidence to go for the flag from any lie. The Spin Doctor high-impact Diamond insert provides ball-stopping control that all golfers will enjoy. Tiny diamond particles embedded on the insert surface preserved the precise roughness for consistent performance and will give you more spin from anywhere on the course.
Pro-Style Titanium Insert
The replaceable Spin Doctor Titanium insert allows penetrating ball flight and enhanced feel during impact. The design elements of the Spin Doctor RI Wedge and the power of Titanium offer golfers of all levels consistent results shot after shot.
Pro-Style "Self Rusting" Black Star
The replaceable Spin Doctor Self-Rusting Black Star insert will allow you to hit shots that zero in on the flag with optimal spin. The advanced self-rusting process creates high friction upon impact for tremendous spin control.
Pro-Style Nickel Insert
The replaceable Spin Doctor Nickel insert is standard for most wedges on the market. Low-mid handicap golfers that play high-spin balls will enjoy the control and playability of this insert.

Pro-Style inserts have U grooves that have been manufactured to conform to USGA specifications.