"Reverse Groove" Inserts,
11,970 RPM's

Other leading wedges tested,
2,571 - 4,750 RPM's

250 - 400%
More Back Spin!

Reverse Groove Insert

The replaceable Spin Doctor Reverse Groove insert will give you  250 - 400% more backspin instantly. This great insert simply reinforces proper ball striking by putting the FUN back into the short game fundamentals. Your friends will be amazed at how you spin it back like the pros, green after green.

If you have never been able to spin the ball, you're going to love this 'Reverse Groove Insert' You'll have fun while learning to spin it back like the pros."
Philip Davis, SW PGA Teacher of the Year

"It was awesome. You can just fire at the flag and watch it spin back!"
Kevin Reiland

"My friends were amazed. It spun back at least 20 into the cup for a birdie!" Chuck Dickerson

"At 76, it's almost like old times!"
Ralph C. Seavey

"I never dreamed that I could spin a ball like that!"
Kevin P. Keene

"I am 62. I have always wanted, just once, to be able to spin the ball like the pros do I finally know how it feels."
Jerry Collette

"I couldn't believe my eyes. The ball hit the back of the green and spun back at least 30 feet. Unbelievable!"
Martin Parsley