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About Spin Doctor Golf

The Spin Doctor Golf Inc., established in 1996, based in Houston, Texas offers top quality products and innovative technology at affordable prices to allow golfers to play like a pro!

The first Spin Doctor product was a high spin pad that could be attached to the face of any existing golf wedge. The patented "Spin Doctor Onsert," is manually attached by an adhesive backing and can be replaced when it becomes worn. Its reverse grooves produce 12,000 rpm and adds 400% more backspin on a any golf ball. Guaranteeing their customers that they will "Spin It Like The Pro's" and "Hold Any Green, With Any Ball, Any Time."

The current products sold by Spin Doctor Golf Inc. still uphold the preemininence of the first. Spin Doctor Golf Inc. is a company that knew from its inception the replaceable face was the "last area of innovation for the golf wedge," a fact realized by a well-known competitor, Taylor Made. Who used Spin Doctor Golf Inc's patented replaceable face insert technology in their developing the Taylor Made TP xFT.

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Spin Doctor Golf Inc. P.O. Box 62869 Houston, Texas 77205 1-800-858-3181 Contact Us Here